The exhibition took place on 10-11 June 2015, and its aim was to present those technical and professional developments that are either already in use or ready to be launched soon. These developments are closely connected to the improvement and post-injury rehabilitation of elite and non-elite sportsmen and sportswomen.

The target groups were: sport club owners, sports medicine doctors, sports medicine therapists, physiotherapists, osteopaths, trainers, technical trainers, fitness instructors, nutritionists, R&D companies, and scientific motion research and assessment professionals. There were 75 presenters at the event, the number of the seminars was 30, and there were approximately 1500 visitors, mainly from England, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland. Together with our English colleagues, we took part in the exhibitions in order to present the most recent innovation of E-Fit, the EF-2080 EMS device, which is able to train the whole body. During the two days, with the help of our master trainer, Csaba Hegedus, many visitors had the possibility to experience the advantages of E-Fit and to get to know our unique training system. Even sceptics were quickly convinced about the developmental effects of the training. Mainly personal trainers and physiotherapists tried out the device, but many visitors were lecturers from London universities and hospital therapists.

Typically, everybody was interested in how it is possible to train all the muscles without straining them. Areas of interest also included the problems and illnesses that the device and the training method could help with. Not only sport injuries were discussed, but also illnesses of the central nervous system and its possibilities in therapy. Our colleague, Laszlo Gelanyi physiotherapist provided information on these topics. We hope that more and more research and study collaborations will take place in the future with the interested parties.

Our Head of Sales, Roland Meszter and our owner, Janos Papp along with the English colleagues provided professional and technical information and met partners who would like to integrate the E-Fit system into their own methods, in order to make them even better.
Based on the experiences of the exhibition, it is evident that complex analytical and support systems have to be part of future’s rehabilitation technologies. The forward-thinking development of E-Fit met the requirements of master trainers and therapists. The supportive pieces of advice we received during the two days will surely facilitate further developments and areas of research.