The owner of Egyre Jobban Studio, Noémi  Süli, has been using the E-Fit device for 2 years, not only for body shaping but also for rehabilitation. Below you can read her opinion and experiences, which proves again that E-Fit has not only delivered amazing results in fitness but has also turned out to be effective in rehabilitation.

Noémi Süli physiotherapist and E-Fit trainer on the E-Fit EF-1280 M EMS medical device


In my experiences, electronic muscle stimulation (EMS) is mostly beneficial in rehabilitation. Needless to say, its effects in fitness are also relevant, since visible results can be obtained fast in body shaping, too. Still, I believe that when it comes to rehabilitation, there is great potential in the E-Fit device.

Nowadays, one of the most common locomotor disorders is backache, which affects one in four adults to some extent. In some cases it is only lumbago or sciatica (a sudden pain that targets the lower back and the sacrum). It refers to the strong backache perceived above the lumbar vertebrae, which usually hits the patient unexpectedly and can be triggered even by a sudden movement.

Another most common reason of backache is spinal disc herniation, which is caused by a tear in the outer, fibrous ring of an intervertebral disc that allows the soft, central portion to bulge out beyond the damaged outer rings. It is mostly the result of today’s sedentary lifestyle. If this problem affects the nerves, it causes uncomfortable numbness or piercing pain in the lower limbs, or in case of the cervical region, in the upper limbs.

If these symptoms are not treated properly, due to the damage of the innervation of muscles, paralysis can be a risk. Consequently, the only remaining option is surgery. However, a surgery can only fix the problem with 50% certainty, and recovery takes 6 months.



Based on the above mentioned facts, I believe that when it comes to backache, prevention is crucial.

I have been working with the E-Fit device for 2 years. During this period, I have noticed that by strengthening the muscles, almost all locomotor disorders can be prevented. Since the EF-1280 M E-Fit device works 90% of the skeletal muscles without straining the joints, it has proven to be an excellent aid to these problems. During these 2 years, I have met several patients who had been suffering from backache for years, and with the help of EMS training, their symptoms vanished in the first month, or depending on the severity of the problem, the symptoms vanished completely by the end of the 2nd month.

In case of patients suffering from spinal disc herniation, I added the Mckenzie-method to the training sessions, which is a special pre-workout examination and physiotherapy system. With the help of this method, the direction of movement to which the patient responds best can be identified. Following the check-up, I can incorporate those movements into the training sessions that help vertebras to move in the right direction. This can further be facilitated by the EMS technology, without straining the joints.

Combined with this method, most of the surgeries could be prevented; however, this is mostly unknown, unfortunately. Besides this, the EF-1280 M device has many other beneficial effects, for example, by increasing blood circulation, the blood supply of the muscles also increases, which accelerates regeneration period. For instance, training can begin right after an ankle sprain, especially with the use of the oedema reducing program. Due to increased muscle contraction, the blood supply of the veins improves, and it can also prevent the development of oedemas and varicose veins. By increasing the circulation in the lymphatic system, it helps to eliminate the toxins from the human body. 

So far I have only had good experiences with the E-Fit device: a great number of grateful patients can thank their recovery to this method. Based on these experiences, I am more than happy to work with the E-Fit device.


5 May 2015, Szeged