Elite Sport Performance Expo in London

The exhibition took place on 10-11 June 2015, and its aim was to present those technical and professional developments that are either already in use or ready to be launched soon. These developments are closely connected to the improvement and post-injury rehabilitation of elite and non-elite sportsmen and sportswomen.

E-Fit in rehabilitation, as Noemi Süli sees it

The owner of Egyre Jobban Studio, Noémi  Süli, has been using the E-Fit device for 2 years, not only for body shaping but also for rehabilitation. Below you can read her opinion and experiences, which proves again that E-Fit has not only delivered amazing results in fitness but has also turned out to be effective in rehabilitation.


There was nothing like this before: yesterday, at Fitbalance we could be part of something we could have never imagined before. There were so many people at the event that the  arena turned into an anthill for one day.